Transforming Your Looks Using Hair Dyes

These days, the most effective and easiest way to transform how you look is through the use of hair dyes.  The abundance of available synthetic and natural colors has transformed hair dyeing into a big business with practically a majority of the people in the entertainment business taking advantage of this and transforming how they look each and every time they want to.

The truth is the demand for amazingly brilliant and vibrant hair colors have sparked a new trend in how manufacturers blend their products.  They have even come up with new ways in concocting hair colors so that, depending on the formulation you choose, you can have the color permanently, semi-permanently, or just temporarily, in your hair, depending on the occasion or the need for it.

Most people use hair coloring either to repair the fading color of their hair, or to hide gray hairs that are a dead giveaway to a person’s age.  Others however use hair dyes in transforming how they look, not just to get in on the current trend, but also to go in a way that looks better on them.  If you are interested in somewhat breaking the bounds with your traditional ethnic hair color, then dyeing your hair anew will give you a much bolder look.

By no longer relying on more natural coloring ingredients, hair dye manufacturers have transcended their more traditional ways by now offering the freedom to choose the type of hair color you want.  In fact, the trend these days is to have a highlight section and a lowlight section.  This means a portion of the hair is colored much darker than the other portion, giving it a more two-tone like approach.  Another of the more common trend is to dip the tip of the hair with another color.

How does dyeing work?

Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are some of the main ingredients in a hair dye.  These ingredients help in bonding the color of the dye to the hair strands.  If a permanent hair dye is being applied, it means that the color molecules are small enough to permeate deep into the hair strands which means they cannot easily be washed off.  For semi-permanent hair dyes, the color molecules are tiny, but not small enough to fully infuse with the hair strand.  They only bind themselves over the cuticle and not on the true pigmentation of the hair.  Since these hair color molecules are not totally infused, they can be washed off after several washes.  This is also true for demi-permanent hair dyes.

Popular colors

Celebrities and people from the entertainment business are often the ones who sport new and trendy hair colors.  They are often the example that most people look into when attempting to change hair color.  For many, it is the hair color that their idols are sporting are what they fancy and find trendy.  Regardless, the most popular color combination would be ombre – a sort of two toned black on top then fading into dark brown at the bottom.  Another popular hair color technique is balayage which is the creation of natural looking highlights on brown-to-blond colored hair dye.  Platinum blonde is also very popular as it is sported by many celebrities at some point in their career. Read more