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Finasteride, the Cure for Male Pattern Baldness

In the last decade, the world of dermatology has been treated with an effective way of treating androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.  The creation of finasteride 1mg meant that men who suffer from embarrassing hair loss and baldness will now be able to get their self-esteem back.  In fact, with finasteride 1mg, men with hair loss will finally be able to win over it.  In addition, the use of oral medication as opposed to surgical methods is much safer and less invasive when it comes to stopping hair loss and the growing back of hair.  The most important thing to do when you notice that you are having hair loss issues is to find out what causes it so you can treat it immediately.  Early intervention is always best when it comes to any type of disorder. Continue reading

Finasteride Does Not Cause Brain Fog

There are people that claim that long term usage of finasteride can create side effects involving both physical and mental side.  The physical related side effect they claim is sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction.  The mental related side effect they claim on the other hand is memory loss or memory fog.  The fact is, such report secondary effects from long term usage of finasteride is not entirely conclusive.  There are a good number of men taking the drug and the condition they claim is somewhat apparent in only a few people, more particularly, those who are claiming compensation from the condition which is why the filed a lawsuit against Merck.  If you think about it, their side effect claims seems to be somewhat suspicious. Continue reading

Finasteride 1mg Generic Is a Solution for Male Baldness

Male balding is a common problem among millions of men just in the United States alone. Known as male pattern baldness, men with this hair loss problem usually starts to notice it during their 30s and beyond. However for some men the onset of the symptoms could start as early as during their twenties.


The truth arrives are an extensive measure of reasons with reference to why this condition happens. A champion amongst the most generally perceived reasons possibly is genetic qualities. Since this condition is acquired, there is no inspiration driving why innate qualities can’t play as a property. Another essential inspiration driving why this condition happens is poor sustenance.


Finasteride 1mg generic is possibly the only best solution available today to cure male pattern baldness or alopecia. Basically, what makes finasteride 1mg generic intense is its capability to prohibit DHT that causes the loss of hair among men. DHT is known as the destroyer of hair follicles as soon as testosterone is being converted by 5-alpha reductase. By stopping the era of DHT itself, the hormone which causes the lessening of hair follicles, you subsequently also stop the development of losing hair, or male illustration inadequacy from delivering its outcomes. The best thing about finasteride 1mg generic no doubt is that it satisfies desires paying little regard to race and ethnicity.

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Treatment Options for Male Pattern Baldness

Hair loss for male pattern baldness initially occurs at the crown and temple of the head.  Once enough hair has been lost, a bald spot on the crown is seen while a receding hairline is seen at the temples.  This kind of hair loss condition is normally found in men but women can also suffer from this condition, except that theirs do not manifest until they reach a certain age.  Male pattern baldness is mostly due to aging and genetics which is why if a male within the immediate family such as father or brother, then it is highly possible that the other males in that family may also suffer from the condition eventually. Continue reading