Simple Tips for Male Penile Hygiene

Many consider hygiene to be one of the foundations of modern civilization because without it, a person cannot be deemed to be civilized.  Without proper hygiene, as was the case back in the 19th and early 20th century, the life expectancy of every individual will be much lower because people are more prone to diseases and bacterial infections.

The thing about hygiene is that it doesn’t just involve the body, but also the genitalia.  While most females of today have developed the right attitude on hygiene towards their privates, most men on the other hand think that taking a bath and giving it a little scrub here and there is sufficient enough.  What they don’t understand is that sweat and accumulated dirt can harbor bacteria which may result in infection at some point.  This is the very reason why male hygiene is also important.

To have good overall male hygiene, men should adapt a daily ritual where they clean their private parts.  This can also be done while taking a bath.  What is important is that every nooks and cranny of the penis is cleaned as much as possible.

The list below shows some of the basics male penis hygiene that you can do to maintain a healthy hygiene:

  1. When washing your male genitalia, make sure you wash it thoroughly and cover even the nooks and crannies so that any foul-smelling smegma or exudate is removed.  Such will ensure that your penis is clean.
  2. Try to shave off any unnecessary hair that surrounds your penis.  If you pubic hair is thick and long, this can be the breeding ground for germs which is why it is necessary to trim regularly or when deemed necessary.  In addition, thick pubic hair can easily trap dust and debris making it all the more necessary to trim it.
  3. Practice taking a bath regularly and cleaning not just your hair, scalp, and body, but also your genitalia.  After bathing, it is important that you dry off your genitals completely. This will help to protect you from the buildup of bacteria or infection caused by the dampness of your skin and your genitals.
  4. If you have a smelly penis, you can use feminine wash that regulates pH balance.  While it is true that men do not have any vagina and that the penis is not prone to acidity, but when it comes to removing smell, feminine wash is more effective that soap.
  5. When playing any type of fast-paced sports that can be considered rough, like basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, American football, rugby, etc., make sure to wear a jock strap or a cup to protect your privates from any collisions or any type of hit.  Such protective garment can help protect your potential to procreate.
  6. Condoms do not just prevent your sexual partner from getting pregnant, but it also protects the both of you from any sexually transmitted diseases that one may possess.

Overall, proper male hygiene is not about being finicky or meticulous about something.  As said, it is hygiene, and hygiene is basically cleanliness so as to prevent any type of illness, infections, or disease.  A few minutes of routine care is not worth a lifetime of regret.