Erectile Dysfunction and Its Associated Treatment

A sexual disorder with the inability to have or sustain an erection is called erectile dysfunction.  This disorder commonly occurs with men above the age of fifty, but it can also occur with young men possibly due to disease, injury, surgery, psychologically, medications, and many other possible reasons, making the cause of this disorder on a case-to-case basis.  The main issue with this disorder is that if it becomes permanent or occurs during significant times, then it will likely be the spark of problems in a relationship.

Erectile dysfunction actually has three different types in terms of severities.  The first type of condition is the total inability to get an erection.  The second type is having the capacity to get an erection but cannot sustain it long enough for an enjoyable sexual activity.  The third type is similar to the second as the patient can get an erection but this time, instead of not being able to sustain the erection, the patient cannot achieve a stiff enough erection suitable for penetration.

The ideal treatment for erectile dysfunction would be to treat the root of the problem – what causes it in the first place.  However, such optimism cannot suffice during times of sexual need as each type of cause has different curing time.  For example, three men all have erectile issues and the cause for each are: depression, medications, and diabetes.  It is for certain that the first two will be able to recover from their condition once they stop being depressed and stop taking the medications that causes the disorder.  The person with diabetes on the other hand will not have much choice but to be stuck with the disorder.  This is the very reason why there are now multiple treatments for erectile dysfunction so that people who suffer from this can have momentary use of their ‘tool’ when needed.

These days, there are multiple ways in treating erectile dysfunction – oral medications, injectable, implants, and mechanical devices.

Oral medications are the least invasive of all the treatments.  By controlling certain muscles that will enable blood to be pumped inside the penis, a person will be able to achieve erection suitable enough for sexual intercourse.  Vardenafil 20mg is the best example for this oral medication and it is also becoming to be the most popular, simply because it has fewer side effects, uses less dose, and it is safe enough to be used by patients with diabetes.  Injectables on the other hand are used when oral meds don’t have any effect.  What makes injectables effective is that the drug is injected directly at the penis.  The main side effect of this however would be scarring, especially when you frequently use it.

Surgical implants are also another alternative these days.  Either they plant an inflatable bladder inside your penis, or they place a malleable wire inside which you can bend accordingly.  The issue with these alternative treatments however is that they do not give you true erection which means orgasm may not be the same or may not even be reached.  In addition, having foreign bodies inside the body may cause an infection. Read more