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Knowing the Proper Lasix Dosage

Lasix is the branded version of furosemide, an effective diuretic drug that is used in ridding the body of excess water.  This ridding of excessive water is done by means of induced increase of urine flow.  Lasix also has the capacity to prevent the body from absorbing salt.  Lasix dosage comes in 20mg, 40mg, and 80mg.  If you have been prescribed with a particular Lasix dosage, it is important that you follow that Lasix dosage strictly but making sure to inform your doctor if you feel that your Lasix dosage is too much or too little.

The truth is that Lasix can actually be used for other medical conditions aside from just fluid retention.  The list below shows different Lasix dosage for different medical conditions:

Edema – the proper Lasix dosage for this condition would be 20mg to 80mg depending on the body size of the person who is going to use it.  The following maintenance dose will be three to four times per day using either 20mg or 40mg of Lasix until you reach the desired effect. Continue reading