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Finasteride, the Cure for Male Pattern Baldness

In the last decade, the world of dermatology has been treated with an effective way of treating androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.  The creation of finasteride 1mg meant that men who suffer from embarrassing hair loss and baldness will now be able to get their self-esteem back.  In fact, with finasteride 1mg, men with hair loss will finally be able to win over it.  In addition, the use of oral medication as opposed to surgical methods is much safer and less invasive when it comes to stopping hair loss and the growing back of hair.  The most important thing to do when you notice that you are having hair loss issues is to find out what causes it so you can treat it immediately.  Early intervention is always best when it comes to any type of disorder. Continue reading

Transforming Your Looks Using Hair Dyes

These days, the most effective and easiest way to transform how you look is through the use of hair dyes.  The abundance of available synthetic and natural colors has transformed hair dyeing into a big business with practically a majority of the people in the entertainment business taking advantage of this and transforming how they look each and every time they want to.

The truth is the demand for amazingly brilliant and vibrant hair colors have sparked a new trend in how manufacturers blend their products.  They have even come up with new ways in concocting hair colors so that, depending on the formulation you choose, you can have the color permanently, semi-permanently, or just temporarily, in your hair, depending on the occasion or the need for it. Continue reading

Treatment Options for Male Pattern Baldness

Hair loss for male pattern baldness initially occurs at the crown and temple of the head.  Once enough hair has been lost, a bald spot on the crown is seen while a receding hairline is seen at the temples.  This kind of hair loss condition is normally found in men but women can also suffer from this condition, except that theirs do not manifest until they reach a certain age.  Male pattern baldness is mostly due to aging and genetics which is why if a male within the immediate family such as father or brother, then it is highly possible that the other males in that family may also suffer from the condition eventually. Continue reading

Are Certain Myths Regarding Male Pattern Baldness True?

Male pattern baldness is a condition where a man loses hair atop along with a receding hairline.  Although this is not exactly an embarrassing condition as compared to, say, penile impotence, still, many men are a bit embarrassed when someone tells them about.  At the start of their condition, their initial reaction is to always hide it be wearing caps, mostly due to shame, self-pity, and low self-esteem.  In truth, this is actually something that is not to be embarrassed or ashamed about because nearly half of men are affected with this condition at some point.

When you are losing hair, it may be worth your while to visit your doctor so he can find out the root cause of your hair loss and possibly provide you with treatments that are suitable for you.  The truth is there are a lot of factors that contributes to hair loss.  While some of them are conclusive, others are just myths with no evidence to back-up their claims. Continue reading