Avanafil – The Newer and Better Treatment for Penile Impotence

Male penile impotence can be such a pain if you have it.  Because of this erectile condition, you are unable to successfully have sexual intercourse with your partner, something which can be quite displeasing to her as her sexual urges will be left unsatisfied.  Male penile impotence is actually such a serious condition that it can be used as effective grounds for divorce.  In fact, there are numerous couples that have gone separate ways because of this issue, mostly because the woman is left sexually unsatisfied.

During the late 90s, a breakthrough drug called Viagra was introduced in the market.  This revolutionized the way how people with penile impotence viewed their miserable life because with this drug, they are able to have actual use of their manhood for use in sexual intercourse as if they did not have erectile dysfunction at all.  Perhaps the only downside to such drug is that the treatment is not permanent and erectile issue will revert back as soon as the drug’s effect fades off.

All ED drugs along with Viagra are classified as PDE5 inhibitor drugs.  Their main mechanism of action is actually the smooth flow of blood towards the cavities in the penis.  Such simple yet effective method means that these drugs have alleviated the sexual misery of men who suffer from this debilitating penile condition.  For men who suffered from this condition prior to the invention of PDE5 inhibitor drugs, they had to rely on different methods, herbals, exercises, and contraptions to help them produce an erection that is mostly intended to satisfy their sexual partner.  However, the arrival of ED drugs had slowly allowed them to gain back their confidence in their sexual performance because these ED medications have released them from their fear of embarrassment on going limp during the most critical moment of the intimate activity.

There have been different ED drugs that have been released after Viagra.  These days, the latest among ED treatment medications is avanafil.  Avanafil is actually the generic name with Stendra being the branded name.  This new ED medication is produced by Vivus and has been given FDA approval since April of 2012.  What separates avanafil from other ED meds aside from being the new kid in town is that it is very effective in treating the erectile condition and that it is also very safe.  There are actually more doctors who prescribed their patients to buy avanafil these days more than any other ED treatment meds.

If you are interested in getting avanafil, you can buy avanafil at your local pharmacy or you can also buy avanafil from online stores.  Most people however buy avanafil online because the best deals when you buy avanafil can be found online.  Also, if you buy avanafil in bulk, the online merchant you are buying from may even throw in some extra doses of avanafil, thereby giving you a much better deal.  This is the very reason why many recommend that you buy avanafil online as you are able to get the most out of your money.