Are Certain Myths Regarding Male Pattern Baldness True?

Male pattern baldness is a condition where a man loses hair atop along with a receding hairline.  Although this is not exactly an embarrassing condition as compared to, say, penile impotence, still, many men are a bit embarrassed when someone tells them about.  At the start of their condition, their initial reaction is to always hide it be wearing caps, mostly due to shame, self-pity, and low self-esteem.  In truth, this is actually something that is not to be embarrassed or ashamed about because nearly half of men are affected with this condition at some point.

When you are losing hair, it may be worth your while to visit your doctor so he can find out the root cause of your hair loss and possibly provide you with treatments that are suitable for you.  The truth is there are a lot of factors that contributes to hair loss.  While some of them are conclusive, others are just myths with no evidence to back-up their claims.

The list below shows some of the myths regarding hair loss:

Myth 1 – the myth claims that while male pattern baldness is hereditary, the condition is only inherited from the mother’s side and not from the dad’s side of the family.  The truth is in genetics, either side of the family can pass the condition.  This makes the myth false.

Myth 2 – the myth claims that if you frequently wear a cap that you are going to get bald as this promotes hair loss.  The wearing of caps is mostly to shield your head from the sun’s heat.  If the cap you are wearing is very tight and does not provide enough ventilation, the sweat that may arise from your scalp may clog up your hair follicles which not only may slow down their growth, but may even stop them from growing completely.  This makes the myth plausible because you are not supposed to wear a tight cap day-in and day-out.  However, if you do wear a tight poorly ventilated cap day and night on a warm location, then you may one day suffer from some sort of baldness.

Myth 3 – the myth claims that the frequent use of a hair dryer can damage your hair and will result in hair loss.  While the reasoning for this myth may be logical, in truth the heat of the hair drying will not reach the actual roots of the hair and damage them.  The reason, well, feeling the heat of the hair dryer will make you flinch or remove the unit from your head completely before it even does impact to your hair follicles.  Overall, this myth is false.

To date, aside from surgery, there are only two known medications that are meant to treat hair loss – finasteride and minoxidil, and both actually works well conjunction as finasteride helps in stopping hair loss completely and minoxidil helps in promoting new hair growth.  If you think you are suffering male pattern baldness, consult with your doctor immediately so you can get immediate prescription of oral medications that can stop the progression of your hair loss.  That way, no one will be able to see you having a clearing atop your head any time soon.

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