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Relit Your Sexual Fire with Vardenafil HCl

Once a man gets a condition called erectile dysfunction (ED), it is likely that his sexual flame is put off because this debilitating condition basically incapacitates his sexual ability.  Nearly every man who acquires this condition is ashamed of it because the part that truly makes one person a man is no longer functioning properly.  This basically discourages him from any potential sexual intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction is actually not a rare condition.  There are over a hundred million men who experience this condition at this moment.  Statistics even show that one in five men will likely experience this erectile condition at some point in their life with the difference being only in severity.  This practically makes ED a very common male condition that is a dread for every man who is sexually active. Continue reading

Finasteride Does Not Cause Brain Fog

There are people that claim that long term usage of finasteride can create side effects involving both physical and mental side.  The physical related side effect they claim is sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction.  The mental related side effect they claim on the other hand is memory loss or memory fog.  The fact is, such report secondary effects from long term usage of finasteride is not entirely conclusive.  There are a good number of men taking the drug and the condition they claim is somewhat apparent in only a few people, more particularly, those who are claiming compensation from the condition which is why the filed a lawsuit against Merck.  If you think about it, their side effect claims seems to be somewhat suspicious. Continue reading